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Online reading! It rots your brain, you know…

Since I’m a big proponent of the internet, I figured it was time for another installment of “What Katherine reads…online!”

I usually hit my LJ friends list first. Then I head over Google Reader. I am subscribed to 159 different blogs, news feeds and podcast feeds, so I scroll through quite a few headlines. Here’s what I read between 8am and noon today:

All Jacked Up: Screw you Gerber!

The other side of beauty | Watching Journal
I disagree with the line about the Saw movies being akin to porn.  But then, maybe they really don’t have a level of morality.  Maybe they’re just solid entertainment, and maybe that’s the definition of porn.  *shrug* 

Starling Fitness ยป Czech Sokol Organization

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why can’t people with dyslexia do multiple choice?
Unfortunately, everyone has a form of test they take better than another form of test. Eric, for example, does poorly on fill in the blank questions. He has a hard time retrieving particular words and terms from memory. I have problems with…uh… Okay, I generally test well and am generally a nerd, so I guess this does apply to me…

In the realm of better-than-the-flying-cars-we-don’t-have:
Lensless On-Chip Microscope Inspired by “Floaters” in the Eye: Scientific American

Studies show exercise boon for obesity, diabetes – Yahoo! News
What a crappy vague article. Unfortunately, I’m not interested enough to track down the source through Eric’s ASU access.

BBC NEWS | Health | Caffeine use common in athletes

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