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Wow, I’ve just been spamming LJ lately, haven’t I?

Been busy. I wanted to finish the current edit of Model Species by Friday and did so.

League registration has been wild. Tuesday night is almost filled and we’re only a week in. Of course, this caused a bit of concern, but really, it probably shouldn’t have. Thursday’s fields were changed halfway through the week which I think makes it a little more palatable.  And, people were warned: sign up early if you care when and where you play.  It’ll work out.  It usually does.

Got into an artistic mood Thursday and did a potential design for the league shirts.  I’ll maybe post it later after a decision is made as to its use.  Also put together a roster form for PHX-ation, the women’s club team.  I still don’t know what all the .asp does though, and that bugs me.

Been trying to finish reading a couple books.  I’m way behind for the year.

Got through my first week of intervals and my second week of push ups.  I felt like crap Monday and Tuesday, not due to the exercise, but just due to me being me.  My back was in such sucky shape when I jogged on Monday that I couldn’t keep my balance and totally wiped out on the pavement.  I seemed to straighten out at Wednesday disc.  Played decently too.

The weather’s been nice.  We’ve had storms a couple of times this week.  Very nice.

The next week or so will be filled with work and the Olympics on in the background.  Yay!

Ants in my apartment.  Boo!