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‘Till you’ve figured out the whites of their eyes…

The questions of the night are:
What makes the whites of our eyes white? 
Taking Weordan biology into account, what color would their sclera be?
Probably not enough information…

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a Product, a Book, and a broken Neck

Good product: ThermiPaq
I picked up the 6″ x 12″ version a couple of months back when Eric’s toe was hurting to have as a second ice pack. Previously, we had a gel filled one that was flexible, but didn’t really hold it’s shape. I say previously, because that one bit the dust soon after. The ThermiPaq can be made to be form fitting, good for knees and writs. It also holds its cold for longer than our previous pack. I haven’t tried it as a heating pad and probably won’t since we store it in the freezer. The sleeve is nice, keeping the sharpness of icy mud at bay and the elastic/velcro strap is very functional.

Book #12 – Original Sin by Henri Blocher
Not having read too much theology, I can’t vouch for this book’s comprehensiveness, but it hits a lot of points. It covers the doctrine and dogma of original sin from the etymology used in the scripture to the judicial aspects to the psychological impact to even a weak biological investigation of it. In fact, it seems arguments and debates have been created by theologians through the ages just to have something to argue about. Blocher has a nice conversational style, and this slim volume offers lots to think about. In fact, it’s shed some light on the Breakfast in the Garden short story I’ve been working on and planted a kernel of thought that might result in another short story.

For about the last three weeks I’ve had problems with the right side of my neck/shoulder/back.  I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it or what I’m doing that is causing the pain and muscle strain on that side of my body.  It’s very annoying.   Anyway.  Lots to do today.  Need to have a conversation with Eric about what needs to be done next on the Weordan project.  He’s back to school in a mere two weeks.