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‘Till you’ve figured out the whites of their eyes…

The questions of the night are:
What makes the whites of our eyes white? 
Taking Weordan biology into account, what color would their sclera be?

Sclera – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The sclera is opaque due to the irregularity of the collagen fibers.

Sclera – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The middle, thickest layer is also called the stroma. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery to correct vision is usually done in this region of the cornea. The outside layer contains all the blood vessels of the stroma and along with the conjunctival vessels, are the cause of the bright redness of the inflamed eye.

Stromal cell – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

In cell biology, stromal cells are connective tissue cells of an organ found in the loose connective tissue. These are most often associated with the uterine mucosa (endometrium), prostate, bone marrow precursor cells, and the ovary as well as the hematopoietic system and elsewhere. These are the cells which make up the support structure of biological tissues and support the parenchymal cells.

Definition: lamina fusca of sclera from Online Medical Dictionary:

An exceedingly delicate layer of loose, pigmented connective tissue on the inner surface of the sclera,

Endothelium – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Understanding Genetics: Human Health and the Genome:

The white sclera takes on a bluish tint when this normally thick tissue thins. The sclera becomes translucent, allowing the underlying tissue to show through.

There are lots of reasons someone can have blue ‘whites”. Anything that results in a thinning of the sclera could cause it.

For example, some medications, like steroids, can produce blue sclera. Not having enough iron in your blood (anemia) and aging have also been shown to give a blue tint to the whites of the eye.

Why do some animals have black sclera? – Yahoo! Answers:

 Melanin is transported to the skin when the animal is an embryo is a series of advanced signaling pathways, resulting in random coat patterns in animals. Horses with white face markings will often have light sclera or even blue eyes because the signal pathways were not recruiting the melanin to those areas.

Disorders of the Sclera:

Melanotic pigmentation of the sclera is often seen in the pigmented races as a normal occurrence. Technically, this is not congenital, as it appears following birth.


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