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What I do when I should do work…

As usual, disc has been the high point of my week thus far. We had sevens! Okay, most of them had the last name of Connole, but that’s beside the point. Despite my back and hip being stiff and my knee being somewhat unhappy (and the ubiquitous tape on my left foot to trick it into not hurting), I felt really good. Was moving fairly well and never felt especially tired. Maybe the intervals are helping. (I hesitate to actually use the acronym HIIT. That seems a little to ambitious and presumptuous for the likes of me.)  My neck is much, much better.  My throwing was okay.  I had a nice longish forehand to Brayden that made me fell a little like Emma Harty.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well the next time I tried it.

Makes me excited for league.  Eric and I need to get out to Sunday disc and scout.  And it seems likely that my design will get used for the shirts this season.  Yes, it’s pretty simple and took more work for me to do than the magic-marker look of it implies.  I’m not entirely happy with the left wing, but eh.  The project was second-level procrastination.  (By second level I mean that I was procrastinating work with VOTS stuff and procrastinating VOTS stuff with this.  Fear my mad procrastination skills.)

I’m rather vaguely working on a few Weordan things.  I should probably document it instead of leaving it all rattling around in my head.  I’m not feeling terribly excited about any writing project at the moment.  What have we gotten done this summer?  Without solid quantification, it’s always hard for me to tell.

Also, distracted by the Olympics.

Book #13 – Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
The best book I’ve read this year, easily.  One of the better I’ve read overall.  But I’m not quite sure what I think of the ending.  No, not the game part, the very end part.  I can see that Card wanted a level of “issues concerning war,” but that’s already there in Ender’s training.  Interestingly, I saw the training as warping the boy, where Eric (who read this book a good 15 years ago) saw it in terms of shaping and molding.  It’s all a matter of whether the end justify the means (in terms of Ender’s character) and I think that’s enough of issue for this book.  The rest.  Eh.  Just seemed a little hokey to me.  I’m not sure if I’ll read Speaker for the Dead or Xenocide.  Probably will, but not for a while.