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More Reading Done

Book #14 — The Plucker by Brom

A very short book, but since I’ve read Model Species about twice this year and am not counting it, this one makes the list. The Plucker is a fairy tale, a kid’s book for adults. While Brom is probably my favorite visual artist, I was pretty leery of his ability as a writer. Technically, the writing isn’t half bad aside from an occasional case of word repetition. The story is okay. There are heroes with obstacles; there are villains with schemes. All are beautifully illustrated and set in a world of toys given personalities by the kids that play with them and the dark world of the Underbed. This book occupies an interesting niche of nostalgia, or something like that. Afterall, this is an “adult” book. There’s violence and gore and a bit of hard language. But the story is about kids and toys and childhood. This is a style of story, maybe even the genre of urban fantasy in general, is a very Generation X sort of thing. We haven’t been as compelled to “put up our toys” as other generations have, whether those toys be video gaming, comic book movies, or action figures.