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In regards to that thing I might have…

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way of tracking my joint symptoms. It would handy to know whether doing lots of physical stuff one day impacts how I feel the next day. Or whether something like the weather (or food?) has a greater impact.  My decision to pull back on women’s disc has been based on the assumption that too much activity (especially the cuts and sprints of ultimate frisbee) causes more flare-ups. But is that the case? I tried reconstructing my activities and pain-state for the past week or so from my journal and Twitter feed, adding in weather related information:

10th – Ran, iced knee (knees have been giving me some problems lately).
11th – No info, but I probably did a bit of housework as I usually do on Mondays.
12th – Ran, more joints than my knee hurt.
13th – Played disc, felt good.
14th – Felt decent until the storm came in. At around 5pm, I lost strength in my hand. That’s the first time I’ve ever noticed that happening. Usually the barometric pressure follows a sine wave sort of pattern. Last Thursday, it wasn’t.
15th – Ran ’cause I had to, felt like crap. Weather was still unsettled.
16th – Again, really didn’t feel well. I was happy to sit at my desk all day. Weather was still a little unsettled.
17th – Was stiff when I woke up, but later felt pretty good.

I probably should have run yesterday. It’s possible that the monsoon patterns are more of a factor in my feeling like crap all summer than playing and practicing with the women. But I should keep better track. Unfortunately, I do really poorly when using a spreadsheet for such things.