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Numbers, Bruises, Yesterday

BBC News has an interesting on-going series on numbers and statistics.  Nothing earth-shattering if you already know something about statistics, but it’s good to be refreshed.

The past two articles:
What the survey didn’t say…
The myth of counting

And this week’s, offering a great quote:
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Putting percentages in context:

Journalists and percentages mix like ball bearings in souffle.

Kinda would be nice if journalist read these…


And over at Storytellers Unplugged:


Had a fairly productive Monday. I cleared much of my to-do list and hit pg 100 on my current edit of Divine Fire. I’m going through and editing all the things I just edited in Model Species. Yet it doesn’t seem like as much work. I think the quality of my writing is better in DF though I like the plot of MS better.

Haven’t decided whether I want to run this morning or take a walk up to the mall and shop.  Felt pretty good yesterday.  I believe I took only a couple ibuprofen yesterday morning and then I was good the entire day.  Haven’t taken anything yet today though my hands are pretty stiff.