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Neurotic much?

The weather has been gorgeous.  We got the remnants of Tropical Storm Julio off the Baja coast on Monday night.  It brought a good bit of rain and sub-100 degree temperatures. 

Unfortunately, the storm made my joints ache so bad on Tuesday that I really wished someone hunting rhinos in the area with a tranq gun would come by and put me out of my misery.  Alas, no errant rhinos.  Yesterday, after hobbling through the first couple of points at disc, I started feeling better.  Today, my aches are down to the usual and whatever I’ve done to my hammie.  It’s been tight and sore for a couple weeks now.  Not that sore and tight have kept me off it.  Body, you’ll have to do more than that to discourage use!  Running intervals doesn’t get accounted for very well with FitDay, but I must be using up a few calories more than I think.  I’m sorta down to 116, and this should be a heavy time of the month for me.  I don’t really feel like I’ve lost weight, been exercising much, or eating particularly well, so the scale is either wrong or I’m neurotic.  Yeah, probably the last one.

What else have I been doing with my time…?

There’s league registration.  Jose’s been a little stressed about it.  He’s out of town at Burning Man until Sunday and I really hope he doesn’t let it bother him.  And I really hope another few girls sign up so none of us have to worry about that aspect any further.  I’ll be happy this time next week when teams are drafted and it all over but for the playing. 

I’ve been working on the drug culture of Weordan.  And coming up for terminology and slang is tougher than one might think.  Take for instance pale orange tablets, a depressant of common use in Weordan.  I thought about giving them the slang name “daisy.”  Daisies in Weordan would more likely be orange or red than yellow.  But the word daisy is derived from “day’s eye” meaning the sun.  The sun is still yellow in Weordan.  No one will ever appriciate, or even know about, the building that’s going into this world.

Also related to pain management.  I set up my own survey to self-take every day.  I wanted to set it up as a form that sends to a database, as an exercise in designing and setting these things up.  Alas, I don’t know enough yet and used a survey tool set-up through my web hosting.  Also starting to read up on ASP.  I’d probably be better if I concenreated on learning one thing at a time, but why would want to be productive.