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And she goes on and on and ON!

For some bizarro reason, Firefox is not letting me download anything. I minor problem, I guess, in relation to fixing Eric’s blog.

I don’t even know what went wrong with Eric’s blog. I’ll assume that it was due to me fiddling around with databases on Wednesday and Thursday. Of course, yesterday I procrastinated working on it. And then our internet went down. We’ve been having quite a bit of weather and figured something got knocked loose. Cox said they wouldn’t be able to get to us by Tuesday, which was not happy-making. But what are you going to do? So, I spent the morning feeling like a putz until I discovered, after my shower, that internet service had resumed. *shrug* I puttered with the databases for a while, became frustrated, deleted *everything* and reinstalled from scratch. That worked. I had backed up the database on the 4th and Eric had a backup of all the posts, so all we probably lost was the meta-data for the month.

I never did hear anything from the WordPress forum. I should probably let DinoHost know that contacting support isn’t a very helpful suggestion.

Trip to Michael’s was okay. I bought acrylic paints instead of oil pastels. I’ve never worked with acrylics, so that’s something.

Also, on a partial whim, I decided to hit Nationwide Vision and get some glasses. I fully realize that 2 Pair for $69.98 is a total bait and switch. The frames covered in that deal should be in the dictionary to define cheesy. I did find a nice set of wire frames for $30 and filled out paperwork for an examination. The up-shot? My eyes are healthy, I’m no more near-sighted than I was, my lack of depth perception was reconfirmed, and I ended up buying two pair of glasses for $110. Unlike when I went to a place covered in our insurance, I didn’t feel like I had been completely and utterly taken advantage of.

My joints feel like hell today. On day’s like today, I wish I had some good sedatives. Just sleep through this.

Movies watched lately:

The Godfather. Nope. Up until a few days ago, I had never seen Thie Godfather. It’s a brick wall of a movie. It lays down the story brick by brick and builds on it until what you have is complete and solid. It’s not the prettiest, unless you can appreciate the work behind and the purpose of a well-made wall. Which I can. I like movies like this. There’ve been some good ones lately, though none have gotten the reviews The Godfather has. Now we have Part II to watch.

The Vanishing (original version). Occasionally, remakes are better than the originals. And often the originals are *so* revered that the remake cannot be accepted as good by critics. Get Carter comes to mind. Without seeing the original, I thought the remake was pretty good. And when I saw the original, I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. So, after hearing over and over again about how Hollywood had ruined the great Dutch thriller, I had to see The Vanishing. Again, I like the remake. Yeah, it has a Hollywood ending, but it does a good job setting up the story, making the characters believable, and does an awesome job with the tension. The original? Any scene with one of the females leads seemed stiff and stilted. Any scene with Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu was excellent. The ending? Didn’t work as well for me. But knowing what’s coming, I can’t compare to the first time I saw it, so it’s hard to really judge.

Sweeney Todd.  I had been on the fense about this one.  Burton-Depp-Carter vs. A Musical.  The last musical I saw was Moulin Rouge and I just didn’t care for it.  But…all in all, it was good.  Oh, the Joanna song annoyed the hell out me, but the rest kinda worked.  For me at least.  I’ve been sorta humming the tunes.  The visuals were very Burton.  The acting was alright, the story…well, it is a musical.  If you can’t see what’s coming, you’ve been doing something other than watching the movie.  I kind of regret not seeing it in the theater because we couldn’t turn up the music.  And I’m really intrigued at how it might be done on stage.

Anyway, the Husker’s are winning and I might manage to stay away for the rest of it.