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This journal is eight years old. I always think that I started it on Aug. 31,2000  and didn’t post until Sept. 1st, but according to the stats LiveJournal keeps, I started this journal on Aug. 28th and didn’t get around to posting until the 1st. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of an online journal, and I am known for my ability to make snap decisions and rashly jump into things.

Two years ago, I noted that I ran 3.7 miles in 55 mins. Yeah, that’s nearly a 15 min/mile. At least, I’ve gotten a little better at the running thing. Today, I posted 3.1 in 27:01. Still not fast, but faster, relatively. I was hoping that the intervals would make me faster, but my hammie was pretty stiff and it took me a mile to figure out how to pace myself again. I must say, intervals were really wearing me out. I’d come in pretty much wiped out from them. But that is part of the point of them: tax your muscles and force them to be more efficient. Jogging is more energizing. I feel pretty good right now.

Might go out to disc this afternoon. It depends on when Eric wakes up and what sort of mood he’s in.