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In which navel-gazing leads to an extended metaphor.

I feel like I should compile all the information we have written up on Weordan into some sort of bible. Last year I played around with creating a wiki, but a wiki can’t really be properly created or maintained by one, or even two, people. The strength of a wiki is having multiple people tinker and construct it. If one person is doing it, it’s a collection of poorly connected web pages. Really instead of organizing Weordan information, it probably just created another place between which the whole of Weordan is strung: notebooks, notecards, files on at least two computers *and* the wiki. Unfortunately, at this point, pulling all that info together (and deciding which of it is up-to-date) is a job all in itself.

The problem is, the organizing is work that’s several degrees away from the writing I want to be doing. I already have the work of editing: doing the changes and augments to Model Species and Divine Fire that will make Weordan a more real place.

Deep down, I guess I feel if I can just get through all the changes and augments, if I can just sort of kind of finalize one of these books, I can actually move on to *writing* the next one. Yes, the changes, the augments, all that’s writing too, but it’s the difference between love when you’re first dating and love when you’ve been married a while. Writing a shiny new novel (and I’m still referring to working on a novel in Weordan here) is like that crazy love. It’s fast and easy and can do no wrong! Doing more edits on Model Species is that day by day work or marriage. You get really tired of the garbage never being taken out, but it’s punctuated by exquisite golden moments that make it all worth while.

That being said, I plan on having a fling in November. There’s this outline I’m flirting with. Hopefully, the affair will last the entire month before the novel’s plot and detail problems become things for which young love can not overcome.  And then in December I’ll have to decide whether I’m ready to marry another novel, polymanusciptist that I am.

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Makes the concept of the premarital inventory more interesting… | Study links gene variant in men to marital discord:

The allele that Walum and a team of scientists studied in a sample of more than 1,000 heterosexual couples regulates the activity of a hormone in the brain known as vasopressin. It dictates how and where vasopressin receptors are situated in the brain.

Unfortunately, they don’t go too much into what vasopressin does.
Vasopressin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

In recent years there has been particular interest in the role of vasopressin in social behavior. It is thought that vasopressin, released into the brain during sexual activity, initiates and sustains patterns of activity that support the pair-bond between the sexual partners; in particular, vasopressin seems to induce the male to become aggressive towards other males.

Interesting, but I don’t have the time to follow it any further.


I need to get some quality work done on Model Species if I intend to go out to the ultimate clinic/open play tonight.  The fact that my ear is having a sinusitis moment is not helping whiz through my tasks at lightning speed.  Despite draft being tomorrow, it would be best if this week wasn’t a total bust.  Eric’s been working on some good stuff to make apothos more of an experience for the characters and therefore the reader.