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Maybe if you squint…

BBC NEWS | Health | Women pick men who look like dad:

They found significant correlations between the young men and their fathers-in-law, especially on facial proportions belonging to the central area of face – nose and eyes.

Women also showed resemblance to their mothers-in-law in the facial characteristics of their lower face – lips and jaw.

Does this hold true, ancedotally at least? Here’s Eric, my dad, Eric’s mom, and me:

[Alas, the pic is no longer available…]

Not the greatest pictures. It’s at our wedding reception and our in-laws are not smiling. But maybe it kinda-sorta works. Or maybe my brain’s just picking out the patterns it wants to and throwing out the disparate data. If it is true, perhaps disturbingly, I’d say that in looks I take after my dad and Eric takes after his mom. Which would mean that Eric and I look alike, kinda-sorta.


Much disc has been had in the past two days in many forms. Went out and played Tuesday night at the clinic. I was actually moving around fairly well. Oh, I paid for it later, but it was fun to run when I could. Played yesterday at noon as well. I was definitely more creaky and had some grip problems.

Last night was league draft, which meant that a good portion of Tuesday and the rest of Wednesday was spent formatting spreadsheets, printing spreadsheet, answering emails concerning spreadsheets, and discussing the relative merits of the Tuesday male portion of the draft.

Eric managed to put together a pretty good team, I think. It’s always entertaining to see how these things play out. I’m not sure if I’ve done a good job with the women. Since I haven’t played much, I don’t know who’s who, but again, we’ll see how it goes.

Today, let’s face it, more league stuff, but I need to get around to some actual work too.  And my glasses are already ready.  Yay!  New glasses!  Funny thing is, after the exam while I was with the guy that places the orders and fits the glasses to your face, the lense of my current pair fell out, as it does sometimes.  “No problem,” said guy (who was named Eric, btw, after Erik Estrada), “I’ll put in a new screw and tighten them up.”  When he gave them back to me, they fit my face better than they ever have.  If these weren’t so scratched up, I’d almost not need a new pair.