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The Art of Procrastination

Decided that the cover of my next paper journal is finished. I’d say that it didn’t come out quiet as I wanted, but that would imply that I had some idea of how it would come out at all. It was an experiment with acrylic paint and oil pastels with ballpoint ink. I don’t think I’ve used acrylics since my last art class…in 7th grade. The pastels held up pretty well on my grackle journal. I’ve decided I rather like the size of these journals. They’re 13x21cm, 80 pages and come in packs of three. Of the three black ones I have, I used one for a regular journal, one as a web design journal, and decorated the third with Begley for my brother for his birthday.  This second pack has brown covers.  I thought they would be more flexible color-wise, but the brown really comes through.  Thinking about doing one for Lauren for Christmas (along with the B&N gift card).

So, Murray beat Nadal.  Wow.  ‘Course, he lost to Federer today, but the bet was only Nadal vs the field.  I quickly cashed in my winnings and had dinner at Four Peaks.  I split a salmon BLT and reuban with Eric.  It occurred to me that that’s was probably the first rueban I’ve ever eaten.  I’ve just never had the want to have one.

Watched True Blood.  It’s okay.  They played with vampire tropes a bit with occasionally amusing results.  As with Six Feet Under, there’s a little too much sex for my taste.  I’m no prude, but it seems gradtuitous to me.  The acting is decent, the setting is…playing with fire, bringing vampires into the open world.  All I know is, if I wait around to watch a whole season of this at once, I’m going to end up talking like I’m from Louisiana.  

I mean to have Gaent’s morning rewritten today.