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Disc is always better than no disc.

League team did alright last night. Brent was able to make it to the game and Rob showed up for the last point. We won by two, which wasn’t bad for that sort of short-handedness. All the girls made it, so I didn’t play too much. It was good though. Good to play. Good to meet a few new players. I’m looking forward to the early game next week.

Disc today was good as well. I ran my butt off. No match-up for me was particularly slow. My throwing was, eh. I’m having some problem with my forehand coming off sort of sideways. It’s happened twice now. I guess it’s a grip problem. Something to work on. Physically, aside from a few sore muscles, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I decided to buy a set of soccer cleats to replace my softball cleats. I think the cleats on the side of the front of the foot (instead of on the toe) might help stabilize my hip.

Mentally… Meh.

Had Eric read the changes I’ve made on Model Species. I’m not quite where I need to be with it.

The weather has been stormy. Cool. Humid. Not conducive to doing much.