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Savory cheese puffs, made inedible by time and fate.

As a right-handed person, it’s really difficult to remove a splinter from your right hand. Even worse, it’s on the outside edge of my palm, just below my pinkie. Not only do I have use my left hand, but I have to twist my right hand all the way around…

Rewrote the Gaent’s morning scene again yesterday. Managed at long-last to get it close enough to the mark for Eric to do a polish on it. I haven’t looked at the changes he’s made to it though, so maybe close to the mark is more akin to in the same area code. We just have not been communicating well through out this series of rewrites. The goal for the end of the week is to finish up the rest of that day within the novel. About 80 pages. My carrot for this set of rewrites: a pig roast! I’ve never attended a tailgate party, but it sounds like Casey’s planning a pretty decent one that will involve porcine tasties.

We won our second league game last night. One more and we’ll beat last season’s record… We started out pretty sketchy with a lot of drops and throw-aways, but eventually we calmed down and started playing some zone. I believe I had two scores, one against their zone and one other that was fairly unremarkable. I was pretty happy my D, but my throw choices were not stellar. We had more men this game, but less women. Amy was out with a groin pull (had a very nasty bruise to show for it) and Kasey pulled her quad about a third of the way through the game.

I was going to complain about my throwing today as well, but my real problem was not being able to catch or read. Both Eric and Reif sent me nice long throws that I completely misread and I dropped several other throws that hit me in the hands.

Tired.  My knee is…not happy.  I think I need to replace running with something low- no-impact for a while.  Time to hit the community center I guess.

I need to get to work.  Coffee seems like a good idea.