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May Evil beware and may Good dress warmly and eat plenty of fresh vegetables.

Woke up this morning with two songs warring in my head: Stabbing Westward’s “I Don’t Believe” and Erasure’s “River Deep, Mountain High”. This may be the first sign that a complete mental breakdown is immanent. In the end, I think Erasure won, as I always forget how inferior a band Stabbing Westward is in comparison to other bands of their ilk. Like Gravity Kills for instance. No matter, I banished all three with Die Warzau.

You know what the worst thing about Thursdays currently is? No disc until Tuesday. It seems like such a long way away.

Did a nominal amount of work last night.  I need to get started earlier than 9pm today.

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BBC NEWS | Health | Autism ‘may be missed in girls’

One step closer to always eating the perfect steak:
FDA to review genetically engineered farm animals – Yahoo! News
I am amused by this quote:

“They are talking about pigs that are going to have mouse genes in them, and this is not going to be labeled?”

I do believe mice are edible, though a bit on the scrawny side. Besides, we’re all ATCG. If a little mice splice gives me lower fat bacon (or…something. The Consumers Union spokesperson seems to be using a purposefully ridiculous example.) what do I care?