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My mind has always been my Achilles’ heel.

Got a bruise on my ankle from where Tim threw a burner to me that I did not catch. Got a deep blister on my big toe from my new cleats, which are working out well after I replaced the insoles. Got small blisters on the palms of my hands from the rowing machine I used today. All in all, I’m feeling pretty good. I had forgotten how much I liked rowing machines. I used one a few times back in college, but never went beyond "a few times." Back then, fitness wasn’t a priority to me. The community center has a shiny new machine and for the moment all the features work, unlike their reclining bikes. I feel like I’ve gotten a work out, but I feel good too. So, maybe that’s the thing I’m going to do in addition to disc for a while.

Generally having a bit of an ADD kind of day. I can’t quite keep my attention on one thing for more than a half an hour or so. I’ve journaled, worked out, took a trip to the mall. Maybe by the time I fall asleep, the other five half-done things will be finished.

Model Species-wise, I should be done with what I intend to have done tonight.

As long as I stop dinking around on the internet.