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When you’re good and crazy, oooh, oooh, oooh, the sky is the limit!

Here’s the latest from the ASU kid’s blog:
Entangled Continua » Apocalypse, Now Evolution

Dark Chocolate: Half A Bar Per Week To Keep At Bay The Risk Of Heart Attack:

From a practical point of view, as the common chocolate bar is 100 grams, the study states that less than half a bar of dark chocolate consumed during the week may become a healthy habit.

I would wonder if the study holds true for dark chocolate with ginger in it, but that’s a moot point. The likelihood of my only eating half a bar in a week is very slim. My rate of consumption for that particular candy is more like half a bar in half an hour.

After saying how good I was feeling yesterday, today I’m pretty creaky. My hands are especially clumsy. The number of typos I’ve made this morning is enormous in relation to how much I’ve actually typed. I’ll be amazed if this gets posted clean.

No disc tonight. We have a crossover game on Thursday instead. Probably for the best considering the state of my hands, but who knows? I might be feeling fine by 6pm.

My goal for rewrites is to hit pg. 326 by Thursday night. Taking into account where I left off Friday, I broke that down yesterday to 62 pages a day. I’m already behind…