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I’m psychic, don’t you know…

Despite my joints still feeling like hell on Weds and Thurs, I played ultimate both days.

Wednesday disc was pretty painful. It took a long time to get anything to work well. It was a mixed bag play-wise. Dropped at least one disc and overthrew Casey on one side; completed a couple decent backhands on the other. My backhands are my weakness due to my right-handed-left-eyed-ness, so every time I complete a decent backhand, I’m happy. A not on Weds disc: we’ve been having good numbers, but still no other girls.

League game last night. Inexplicably, on Thursday afternoon, I knew I was going to play savage with Amy. I sort of remembered Kristen saying she’d missed the game. I got a message from Kacie in the morning saying she wouldn’t be able to make it, and at that point I knew. Later in the afternoon, I got an email from Katie saying that she’d injured herself at practice Weds night and won’t be playing either. It would be me with my creaky-ass knees and Amy. Amy’s first game of ultimate was less than a month ago at the pre-league clinic. She was injured shortly thereafter and missed last week’s game. But she played *awesome* last night. I was going to qualify that with "for someone who’s played a handful of games," but really, she played better in the situation than many I’ve played with in the past, damn well including myself. She’s gung-ho and asks a lot of questions. She kept up well enough on D and had energy left to make some nice cuts. I don’t believe she had any turnovers. The other team had four women and probably should have abused us more. I played pretty conservatively and didn’t feel awful afterward, which was my main goal.

Today, I really need to go row. I’m not feeling too shabby, but I think I’ll go for longer work out with less resistance.


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