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It’s times like these that I miss Isaac Asimov

Fittingly, Fox’s ‘Fringe’ blurs boundaries of science –

“The point of the show is not to be a classroom film on the state of science and technology,” says series co-creator J.J. Abrams, who is noted for TV’s Lost and Alias. “It’s science fantasy.” The show’s appeal is in the fun it has with science, the liberties it takes, he adds. “We’re trying to entertain people with interesting characters placed into exciting situations, not bore them.”

What really bugs me is that Abrams seems to think that liberties *have* to be taken to supply those exciting situations. And what’s with the term “science fantasy”?  What is that?  More fantastical than science fiction?  That would mean, it’s just fantasy dressed up like science?   Personally, I think there’s way too much psuedoscience in the world already. Wouldn’t it be cooler if a TV show could actually portray science, real science, as interesting and exciting?  (There was the great late ’80s show, Probe, that did a pretty good job of it. Or at least it kept the science less fantastical. Alas, it was doomed to scheduling problems and a short run.) But you see, making sure things make sense in the world you’re setting your stories in is hard.  We’re talking Barbie-doing-math hard.  And it’s a hell of a lot of work.   So, maybe Abrams is smart.  Why on earth put that kind of work into a product the average TV viewer (or book reader) consumes when you can get away with much less?


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