Barefoot and in the Kitchen

Arrr!Acquired a pumpkin yesterday after disc. Carved that baby up last night in pirate-ish style (see crappy web cam shot at right). I always toast up the seeds. It’s a level of cooking a can generally manage: two ingredients (minimum) and lots of room for error. But the velvety yellow pumpkin flesh always calls to me. People cook with this. There are possibilities for its use and it seems a shame to throw it out. Sort of dishonorable to the pumpkin to just toss it. Now, I’m not a great cook, and I was never good in chem lab. Therefore, I’m a really poor baker. Around 10-11 years ago, I made pumpkin cookies and I think it was about then that Eric told me that, for the good of society, I should give up on baking. I agree. Mostly.

I’ve been in a pretty rotten mood for the last week or so and I probably should have broke out the acrylics and pastels because writing creativity hasn’t been with me. Since I had pumpkin and all the other ingredients for this recipe, I figured I’d give it a try. I pureed up the pumpkin last night and set about creating Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread this morning. What resulted does not look like the picture. Instead of dense and orange, mine is sort of spongy and dark yellow. Tasty, though. ‘Course, I’ll be the only one that will eat it, so only my opinion counts. (Eric doesn’t like pumpkin stuff anyway.)  It could use powdered sugar frosting or something, but I’m done with the tempting the baking fates.

I tossed my pumpkin seeds with a little butter (okay, Smart Balance), cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and cloves before baking them. Didn’t turn out as good as I hoped, but decent once I added a little salt to them. Funny how salt brings out all the other flavors. And I really should stop eating pumpkin seeds while my tongue is still in one piece.

Cripes, I forgot I was cooking dinner/lunch today too. I wish I had a dishwasher…

4 thoughts on “Barefoot and in the Kitchen

      1. cookie_chef

        Good, although we didn’t take pictures. I learned a lot. My design was pretty intricate and I just didn’t think to xerox it larger until after I began.

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