NaNo Eve

First, a link of interest, considering Eric and I were talking of running and injuries the other day:
Learning More From Athletic Injuries –

Tomorrow is the beginning of NaNoWriMo. Today, I tried to get a few things done and mostly succeeded in being annoyed with the world. I won’t get into just what annoyed me, it’s not worth it. Since I’m embarking on a large writing project (my writing fling as I put in a previous entry), I figured I’d go through my 101 Things and clean it up a little. Some things on it were causing me undue stress. The list isn’t meant to do that, exactly. It’s meant to push, but not to the point where I’m avoiding the list. And since I’m coming up on the year anniversary of it (in a month and a half), I figure I’d evaluate what I’m getting out of it too. The cleaning goals haven’t become habit. The exercise goals have taught me that it’s hard for me to do anything for five weeks straight without associated joints acting up. The writing goals are…just sort of there. With writing, it’s a fine line. Weordan is an exhausting endeavor, but I never feel like I’m doing enough for my writing career. The one thing the 101 list has given me an excuse to do that I’ve found…enriching?…is visual art. I haven’t quite decided what art is giving me, but I had missed “doing art.”

Hallowe’en was again a bit of a let-down. While there were lots of kids out and about, very few come to our street, much less to our second floor apartment. I had four little girls visit us and then we went out reverse trick-or-treating: basically heading to the next street over and giving candy away. The bucket we took lasted maybe five minutes. I still had extra at the apartment, but no one else came by. Oh well, I’ll need the sugar during NaNo.

I will be working on a re-do draft of Fuel Eaters for NaNo.  The intention is to get a 50K draft based on the outline Eric’s worked up for it.  My first try at this novel was in 2005.  I got 25K done before the revisions took over.  I want to avoid that this time.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m moderately excited.  I’ll be diving in at midnight.

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