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Toast with brain jam.

Three days into NaNoWriMo.  I’ve done 2500+ words all three days.  This is a lot for me, but it’s a pace that will give me room for things like league finals and the Thanksgiving holiday.  If I can keep it up.  So far, writing with this sort of abandon is as fun, exhilarating, scary and stressful as I remember it being.  Eric hasn’t read yet.  I’m keeping to his outline, but my interpretation of events might differ from his concept of them.  I almost want to have him wait to read until the end.  It will be a mess of a book, filled with mistakes.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

For the month of November, my written journal has become a sketch/doodle journal.  If I ever have a spare moment, maybe I’ll scan some of my better (though still terrible) sketches.

In addition to keeping my 2500 word pace, I’ve taken in my Halloween decorations, shopped for post-Halloween goddies, and set up the VOTS Halloween gallery. I’m there, if you know what to look for. Tomorrow, I need to get bills paid in addition to 2500 words and going to disc. That’ll be interesting. I thought about doing the checkbook tonight, but my brain is toast.

After feeling pretty good for a couple weeks, my knee hurt like hell today. Many of my joints haven’t been happy today. It might be the increase in sitting and typing, or it might be the weather. We’re finally getting some cooler weather. Last Thursday we set a record high of 94.  I did go for a run today despite the knee.  It’s felt no worse since and felt good during.

In regards to the election, I am again amazed by just how much people care about politics. The problems and policies of this country are bigger than one man. That said, I’ve voted though I wasn’t happy about my choices.

What riles my passions more than politics (aside from why Beowulf should never again be made into a movie)? The continuing debate between static and dynamic stretching:
Stretching – The Truth –

Controversy remains about the extent to which dynamic warm-ups prevent injury. But studies have been increasingly clear that static stretching alone before exercise does little or nothing to help.