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Absolute power is a sticky wicket.

Taking the morning off from writing.  Probably not a good idea because by the time I get back from disc and grocery shopping and have eaten lunch it will be about 3pm.  But I just need a little time away from the rush of words.

We lost our game last night by one point.  Not too bad considering that we were down by four or five earlier.  Thankfully, I did not actively harm my team with my play.  Didn’t do anything particularly good either.  *shrug*  I feel very slow lately, like I’m running through waist-high water.    At least I’m not in a crappy mood heading out to Wednesday disc.

GenderAnalyzer – Determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman
I’ve played around with such before, but I never thought about trying it out on sites other than my journal.
Surprisingly, it ‘thinks’ that my journal was written by a man.  My first thought was that maybe that was due to my quoting other articles, but there are quite a few entries on the front page that are entirely Katherine text.  It also finds that Entangled Continua was written by a  man, though there is very little text there.  Thankfully, it finds that the Model Species excerpt was written by a woman and Eric’s blog was written by a man.

Included to point it out to the ASU kid:
Five Ways Brain Scans Mislead Us: Scientific American

Via ZOMG, Candy! who found it via Candy Yum Yum!:

An array of resonators positioned on the surface of an Eye Candy transmit information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain.