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Stupid giraffe…

That which the ASU kid might find interesting:
Sunlight has more powerful influence on ocean circulation and climate than North American ice sheets

That which is behind the annoying “Migraines Cut Breast Cancer Risk by 30%” headline:
Science-Based Medicine » Breast cancer and migraines–what is risk, anyway?

And that which is the last you’ll hear of politics from me for probably another four years or so (unless someone does something stupid, really stupid): Election maps

Had an interesting conversation with Eric about this:
Intentional Action and Asperger Syndrome | Psychology Today Blogs
I viewed the intentions of Joe in the Aspergerian light, but not because I have Asperger syndrome. (Well, I probably don’t have Asperger syndrome. If I do, I’m ‘girly’ enough to make it work for me…) More likely, I’m just too literal-minded, especially when it comes to reading fictional “probes.” This could be why I generally hate reading allegories and satires. It is also possible that the inclusion of food and drink skewed my thought process. If I am modeling Joe’s behavior, it is after my own in a similar situation. If you’ve ever been in a mall and really thirsty, you don’t really care if the smoothie comes in a spiffy cup, costs a dollar more, or requires a Faustian contract. To me, Joe wanted a Mega-Smoothie and that was all there was to it.

Speaking of being thirsty:
Rice students hope BioBeer can fight disease –

BioBeer — a more consumer-friendly name than the original Frankenbeer moniker — will be brewed using yeast genetically modified to produce resveratrol.

While I’ll be inclined to try this product anyway, if it ever hits the shelves, I would gleefully purchase it if it were called Frankenbeer.

And speaking of reading:
Book #21 – The Kidnapper by Robert Bloch: Books
I had heard so many good things about this book. That it was suspenseful and stomach-churning. That it was the book that Robert Bloch found to be his most disturbing. This from the man who gave us Psycho! I was pretty happy when I nabbed a copy at Bookmans. Now I could see what everyone was going on about! And…I just don’t get it. I feel like a kid that’s been told by all her uncles, aunts, and cousins that there’s a giraffe in the closet only to find out that there is no giraffe and that everyone was in on the joke. (No, that’s not based on a true story, but it is the sort of thing my extended family would do.) Maybe this is just a case of having encountered better in other books and other mediums and not being able to appreciate what Bloch wrought. But even on a technical level, I found the writing to be fairly mundane.

My own writing is going along.  I’m a day and a half ahead of where I should be for a 1667 pace.  Couldn’t get going yesterday, but I hope for a better today.