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There was much rejoicing.

Hit the halfway point on my NaNoWriMo novel.   So far so good.  I pretty much took the day off yesterday because I needed to let a few situations simmer.  I was also somewhat stressed out by the list of other things that needed doing, but that’s been relieved by (un)gracefully bowing out of a few things and delegating a few other things. Currently, everything is shiny.

We won our last regular season league game last night.  There was perhaps some weak defense being played by the other team, but I think we had fewer mistakes in general.  Hopefully, that’s something to take into playoffs next week.  On the flip side, winning that game put us in third place among the Tuesday teams and put us in the pool which will inevitably be headed by Nate’s team.  They may be the team that will win league, described of late by Eric as "that buzz saw."  We also have to face Keith’s team again next week.  They beat us in the regular season by one and was the most taxing game I played all season.  Personal level: I was savage again last night, this time with Katie.  I played better than I have been, but I’m still playing timid.  Tom chided me for not making the swing cuts and he was right to do so.

Disc today was relaxed and good.  After I got my back warmed up, I moved pretty well for someone who had played 24 points the night before.  It’s beginning to get too cold for my taste at night, so Wednesdays in the sun are nice.   My knee has been good.  I’ve been running again lately and went to the community center to row on Monday.  They’ve acquired new equipment including a leg press that I tried out.  I’ll probably do the same tomorrow or Friday.