I’m in too good a mood to write the war and destruction my NaNo needs. That’s a lame excuse. But since I am procrastinating:


Started off with Obscure Music Monday: Kerbdog.

Went to see Quantum of Solace. The criticisms of it have been pretty harsh and are somewhat undue. I think many people have hyped up Casino Royale in their minds and this movie isn’t nearly as good. It’s not that bad though either. The villain’s plan is lame and the action is too fast, shaky and jumpy. But Bond gets his quantum of solace in the end. In a way, these two movies feel like the second and third part of a trilogy. In the second part of a trilogy (usually the best portion of a trilogy), the protagonist gets the crap beat out of them, mentally and/or physically. In the last part of a trilogy (often the weakest part), things get resolved and that isn’t necessarily satisfying. I think Quantum of Solace suffers from that.

My joints felt like hell. Despite that I managed 2300 words.


First game of pool play. The fields at Quail Run were very hard. My back and knees, while better, weren’t happy. My upper back was fairly unhappy as well considering I hadn’t managed to exercise in any meaningful way since last Wednesday. I played pretty well, all in all. Handled well, did alright on D. We won 13-6. Nice way to go into finals on Saturday.

Wrote 1676 works.


Wednesday disc! It was good, as it generally is. I was feeling good, running well (for me). Did get hit in the leg just below my right knee with a disc (damn Volo!) and it’s bruising up nicely.

Decided to get some shopping errands done and walked up to Target. Probably not a great idea, but my back is feeling much better after a nice hot shower.

Haven’t written much *cough*.  I really should get at least a 1000.  Chris is coming into town Friday and we’re having dinner with him.  And he’s turned 21 since we’ve seen him last.  We’ll be drinking.

A couple of interesting links from the week thus far:
Effect Measure : Serendipity and bleach:

An interesting side light is that the human body produces its own version of bleach by generating hypochlorite during the course of inflammation, one way the body combats bacterial infection. When immune cells produce too much hypochlorite they can damage our own cells, not just bacterial cells.

Molecule of the Day : Desloratadine (It’s different, I swear)
Uncertain Principles: Athletes Aren’t Different

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