Daily Archives: November 24, 2008

And also…

Book #23 – The World of Edward Gorey by Clifford Ross and Karen Wilkin

Picked this up on the way into Barnes & Noble last week. (That’s a half-truth. I saw it in the entryway, but a guy was politely holding the door for me so I went in, browsed, and double-backed.) I didn’t know much about Gorey other than I enjoy his work. It’s broke into three parts: Clifford Ross’s interview with Gorey, Karen Wilkin’s analysis of Gorey’s work, and selection of art plates. I find it amusing that Gorey’s own analysis of his influences is some what slip-shod, as most analyses by authors and artists of their own works are, while Wilkin is concerned with pinning down what piece has come from where. Nice bit of art to have around.

So much to say, so much to say, so much to say…

I started a grand sum-up of my weekend yesterday and ran out of energy. Here it is, more concise:

Friday night: Chris in town!

  • Eric and I had dinner at Outback with Chris, AJ (who we hadn’t seen in ages), Chris’ brother Joey, Jeff and Andy (the designated driver). They had been drinking a while since Chris and AJ had both celebrated their 21st birthdays while Chris was away.
  • Adjourned to Cadillac Ranch where mechanical bull riding occurred. Only Andy and I were smart enough to dodge that mangy bullet.
  • Stopped briefly at San Felipe’s where we lost AJ to the array of possibly single girls.
  • Headed to Joey’s where Chris was staying and played Rock Band. It was more fun than expected, though I fairly sucked at it.

Saturday: League Finals!

  • Fairly easy game against the four seed in our pool.
  • Lost against the uber-stacked and tight-playing one seed headed up by Nate. Nate’s team went on to WIN IT ALL! Not surprising to Eric or me.
  • Played well enough though I was out-hustled by Genevieve in the second game.
  • Stuck around to watch semis and finals and chat with people until finals were moved to Tempe Sports Complex.
  • Eric went to a BBQ for Chris. I knew I’d be pretty much beat socially at that point and stayed home. Pretty much fell asleep at 8:30pm

Sunday & Monday: Down with the Sickness…

  • Slowly realized that it wasn’t just my sinus acting up due to a day outdoors and I was indeed sick.
  • Wrote a little.
  • We made dinner for Chris and AJ.
  • Had restless night made worse by Eric’s flailing limbs. Sustained kick to right upper arm while getting out of bed during a period of insomnia.

Which brings me up to about now. I have 7,354 words to go on my NaNo. Eric’s parents are coming into town tomorrow. It’s going to be a busy week and really don’t want to be sick.