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"Won" NaNoWriMo today (well, yesterday, I guess, but I haven’t been to sleep yet). The official count is 50,215. As is, Fuel Eaters is not a complete rough draft. I skipped the end battle. It will get written, but not this month. Besides, my action scenes aren’t exactly as they should be and writing another one is slightly useless.

It didn’t seem as painful this time, and the finished product might be more useful than what I wrote back in 2004. I’d like to think that in four years I’ve gotten better at this writing thing. Probably isn’t true. Regardless, me with a big head is a dangerous thing that should generally be avoided. What else has November reaped? Gained a couple extra pounds due to the chocolate and Atomic Fireballs that have gotten me through the month. Haven’t actually been exercising much either this month despite league finals. I’ve also had a couple of extra migraines due to the increased coffee and energy drinks. In all, not a bad month.

The question now is: what am I going to do in December? Rather, how am I going to over-book December? There is, obviously, the Christmas things to do. Decorating, cards, online shopping, and otherwise avoiding crowded stores. I’m also going to make a run at clearing a few things off my 101 list. Like try and finish reading seven more books by the end of the year. That’s a bit steep, but we’ll see. Need to catch up on a few things for VOTS that have gone undone this past week. Need to give the apartment a good mucking out as well. And of course, there’s will be some gaming and some goofing off. I might even get back to writing after Eric is done with classes and we can decide what needs to be worked on most next. Model Species is very close to being done, Divine Fire still needs a proper ending, and Fuel Eater is going to definitely need work (work that I’m currently out of my mind enough to look forward to).

It occurred to be today as we were walking to get lunch that I am somewhat happy at the moment.  I’m sure it will lead to no good.