Daily Archives: December 1, 2008

My fingers hurt…

Book #24 – Letters of a Woman Homesteader by Elinore Pruitt Stewart

A widow, Elinore Stewart gave up her labors as a laundress and established a homestead in early 1900s Wyoming. Stewart’s letters reveal a well-read, funny woman who isn’t afraid of hard work or a few adventures, but is sheepish about her hasty marriage to the man on the land adjoining hers. While it doesn’t quite offer the big picture slice-of-life that No Life for a Lady does, it does serve as a good reminder that the "Old West" extended into the 20th century and that homesteaders were a diverse group.

Strangely, both of these books were published by University of Nebraska Press, but I picked them up at the library sale here in AZ. As with my previous reading choice, I started Letters quite a while back and finished the last two-third over this past week or so.


I’m in the mood for light reading, but I don’t know what…

The holiday has been quite nice. Eric’s parents are in town until Wednesday, staying with his brother Mark. We’ve done the usual Thanksgiving/ton-of-football thing with them over the last couple of days. I have consistently eaten too much.

I’m slowly getting over the sinus infection I’ve had since last Sunday. I’m sure I’ll exacerbate it when I dig out the Christmas decorations from their dusty storage.

Re-joined Netflix after my Blockbuster Online queue was continually on various lengths of wait. Rather enjoying their streaming video service. The quality isn’t great, but I’m happy whenever I can watch movie *ahem* legally.