Daily Archives: December 3, 2008

Consider it decked!

Round one of the Christmas decorating is complete. The tree is up and trimmed. I had put a string of Halloween lights over my bookshelf and desk and kind of liked them, so I’ve replaced them with a string of Christmas lights. I’ve also decorated the tops of Eric’s mammoth speakers. This much has been a three day job. Granted, we went up to Mark’s again to say goodbye to Eric’s parents on Tuesday, but still…

Part of it is due to my joints. I’ve been a bit over-extended these last few days and I think it’s manifesting in pain. My hands and feet have been bugging me since Saturday and my knees have been especially bad since after disc today. Bother. But I did kick my sinus infection finally. Sleeping has been better.

I felt pretty good while playing disc. Not so much between points and after. I thought my hands would be crap, but I had no problems catching and only had one errant throw. It was a backhand, surprise, that did not curve in, surprise. JT made a valiant effort to go after it but it was all for naught. It was a rough day running-wise; I had no easy competition. Managed to score once on Chris O’C by catching a high floater-slider from JT and rightly received a bit of guff for doing it one-handed. All equal, he caught a similar throw from Dave that arched over my head right into his hands. Neither of us was in motion, which was annoying.