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Surely the first of many similarly boring entries…

Edits of section #1 have been done and bounced back to my editor.  All good stuff.  I am somewhat unsure of how much notation I’m supposed to provide back about changes I’ve made.  I’m used to going back and forth with Eric until it’s all (mostly) good.

As I’ve mentioned in replies, I’m sort of wincing at the writer I was ten years ago.  My language was baroque and I was too much in love with punctuation.  It wasn’t until 2004 when I wrote Pas de Chat that I started being leaner with my writing.  I was writing on a schedule and didn’t have time to take reader on descriptive tours of nothing.

I’m also very appreciative of the timing.  It’s only been during this last summer that I’ve really come to see how much better a manuscript can become with editing.  In the past, I’ve seen editing as amputating limbs.  Now, it’s more like sculpting muscle from flab.  Eric gets most of the credit for that, I must say.

Well, unless I get the next section in my in-box in the next few minutes, I’m going to head up to the mall on a shopping errand.  I think My knees would like some movement.