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It’s Saturday, right?

Posted an extra entry to OMM:
Obscure Music Monday: Spiffy Stuff Saturday
Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever linked Monday’s entry here:
Obscure Music Monday: Drain STH

Been watching football today. College football is good. And tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll go see Nebraska play basketball against ASU. Last time I saw a game was over ten years ago when Eric and I were still living in Lincoln and dating. Our attendance was generally spontaneous.

Tonight, I really should be preparing for some post-basketball gaming. Instead I’m putzing around the internet while Oklahoma attempts to get 60pts in this game. I’m in the mood to start reading a book I do not own. I don’t know what book that might be, but nothing in my collection seems interesting to me. I tried logging into Tempe Public Library’s electronic collection, but alas, my card is ‘expired.’ Every year, I have to renew my library card while AZ motor vehicle licenses last for 34 years and my state ID never expires. Therefore, I will have to resort to other means of gaining reading materials.

Or go play EverQuest…

I am one strong drink away from 86-ing my excess rum.