Daily Archives: December 12, 2008

Year 34 in Review

I expect I might find work dropped in my lap today or over the weekend so I’m going to do this now.

Been thinking on the subject of birthdays. Some I haven’t minded, some have made me feel old. I didn’t mind turning 30, but 2004 was a good year. I attended my first couple ‘professional’ conventions, wrote Pas de Chat, won NaNoWriMo. Year 31 had no chance in comparison.

Actually, the last couple of years have been hard. Eric and I have been working more closely together on a much larger project, and I haven’t always felt ownership in this process. To be honest, I was jealous of his going back to school while I stayed home working on *his* novels. During the past year I did a few things to try and gain something of my own, as silly as that might sound. I started 101 Things in 1001 Days list and negotiated my way into time for working on *my* projects, namely some short stories and critiques for Critters.

The list has been a good idea. It’s forced me to get a few things done and gave me an excuse to do other things. I set up Entangled Continua (with all that it required), got back into the semi-habit of running, and have been trying new foods and recipes. The best part of 101 Things has been the visual arts goals. I’ve enjoyed painting and drawing again and maybe that’s been enough “ownership” for me.


By about August, I had put aside my short stories and critiquing in favor of working harder on Weordan. Edits on Model Species are not finished, but have been a very good experience.  That novel is pretty close to being done aside from one or two layers that Eric has been working on.  Divine Fire isn’t finished either, but again has gotten better.  I guess that’s what I’m taking from this year: projects aren’t finished, but have become better.  This is an improvement over feeling like nothing is getting done.  And, of course, there’s a rough zero draft of Fuel Eaters done courtesy NaNoWriMo.  Plenty of work to do on Weordan projects.

Edits have begun on Lucinda at the Window.  One more step toward Taco Bell money!  The process promises to be an interesting experience at very least.

Bounced Pas de Chat out the door as soon as she came in. No takers yet.

I did write a short story and had it critiqued, but I haven’t gotten around to giving it an edit and sending it out.  It is on my 101 list to do, so I will eventually.

Also, started a music blog on a whim.


I’ll post a more in-depth run-down at the end of the actual year.  I’ve probably spent more time reading news online than fiction in books…


Sadly, it seems that giving up women’s ultimate was a good call for me.  Yeah, I haven’t actually kept data on how much pain I’ve felt, but the sort of low-grade contiguous global pain is a thing of the past.  I should probably come up with a way of tracking pain, eh?  It does seem like I can only manage to do one sort of exercise for a month at a time before it makes one joint or another hurt a bit too much.

Weight is still under control though November and December have been tough.  I’m going to need to step up my exercise.

Suffered from flu back in February.  That was not fun.

Mental Health:

Been better at dealing with Eric being home, especially after he was home all summer.  I bugged out to the mall, which is nice, but generally it wasn’t too bad.  Currently, my state of mind is good. Compare to last year: Simple Tricks and Nonsense – 2007 Review