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Because procrastination is fun…

Year in Review LiveJournal Meme: Copy and paste the first sentence of the first entry of each month for this year to create your year in review post. Except…I like spiritchaser1‘s idea better: “Use the LAST sentence of the LAST post of each month.”

Her kitchens are busy and people are always working, always doing something. I have a depressing amount of dishes to do… There will never be a good Beowulf adaptation… It might be a fine tool, but it’s not for me. Now back to work with me… It’s Heine-time. They’re life. It depends on when Eric wakes up and what sort of mood he’s in. It was a relief to hit “Rope Burns” which is more about the fighters and less about the fights. I’ll be diving in at midnight. I’m sure it will lead to no good. It might be time to sleep soon.


Received my birthday loot from Amazon.com.  I ordered Monday with free shipping and got my package today. Amazingly fast!  Ordered How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff, Cury Girl by Lorraine Massey, and the soundtrack to The Fifth Element.  Thanks Mom & Dad!

I really need to get to work now. 

And I would really like something tasty and fried for dinner.

In other news…

Editor sent part two of Lucinda edits on Monday and part three yesterday. Well, Tuesday. I’ve been working on that, excluding everything else, since then.

I have gone for walks with Eric when he needed a break from the paper he’s writing, and went to play Wednesday disc.

It was so good to play. I mean, just, excellent. I haven’t gotten much exercise since the weather has been rainy and hell on my joints. But today (er, yesterday) the clouds parted and disc was played. The ground was so nice and soft, but not overly muddy. There was a light wind that made throwing interesting.  During the first or second point Eric was covering me (!) and he D-ed a throw to me.  He slapped it instead of catching it and I tracked it down and remained in-bounds.  I think I manage one of those per year.  Running felt good, though I’m not sure I did much with it.  Caught one speedy inside out from Francisco for a score and left nail marks in the disc.  Completely needed stress relief.

I’ve bumped the second set of edits back and am working on the third.  I’m not currently stressed, but that probably has something to do with it being nearly 3am.  It might be time to sleep soon.

What should you give a kid to read? Everything you can.

Critics Say Newbery-Winning Books Are Too Challenging for Young Readers – washingtonpost.com:

Books prized by children had stories and characters “accessible” to their lives, Beach’s report concluded. “The Newbery has probably done far more to turn kids off to reading than any other book award in children’s publishing,” he said.

Here’s the list of Newbery Medal winners: Newbery Medal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How many have you read? As assigned reading? How many did you read as a “child”?

My list:
Cut for not that much length