Daily Archives: December 25, 2008

Light Christmas Reading

Book #28 – Religious Freedom by Helene Hanff

I found this book via PaperBack Swap, and being a fan of Miss Hanff’s, I ordered it up. Yes, yes. It’s a kid’s history book. But you know what? It’s better than much of the history I was tortured with during my schooldays. History is a fascinating subject, but so much of it is taught in such a marrow-less, pale way. To put it in term used by fiction writers, it’s often a huge info dump without any character interaction or telling details. It’s taught in a “tell” way instead of a “show” way. Granted, when you’re in high school and you have two semesters to cover the entirety of world history, you don’t have time for more than the skeleton of dates and places. Forget the meat.

Anyway, Hanff presents several stories that lay down the religious basics of the early colonies. It’s perhaps a tad idealistic, but ya know, it’s trying to point out to kids that we do have it pretty good in the US. No body’s getting their ears cut off or tongues split, by the government, for believing in something that is against the majority. Improvement, I’d say.

Regardless, Merry Christmas!