Daily Archives: December 26, 2008

Play on!

I’m browsing through Amazon.com’s Top 50 Albums of 2008. They’re offering them as MP3 downloads for $5 each.  I am, of course, befuddled by how much of this list I am utterly unfamiliar with. Most of it is not to my taste or sounds very much like music that’s already been made.  But I’m not going to get into that.  The list made me interested in looking at how 2008 has treated me musically.

2008 brought me legal DRM-free music in the form of Amazon.com.  Previous to this year, I hadn’t bought much digital music.  Most of my paltry music purchases have been in this form, and my collection has also grown through Amazon’s random free tracks/samplers that I may or may not have actually listened to.  The best of these have been Medieval Voices by Sredets Chamber Choir and The Very Best of Naxos Early Music, which is still free as of the time of this writing.  Very pretty stuff.

Other acquisitions in chronological order:
~Brother Sun Sister Moon’s Luminous, 2002 album that I was happy to finally find digitally.
~Abney Park’s Lost Horizons, one of the very few (two?) 2008 releases I purchased.  It has clearly gotten the most play.  Bought it digitally, directly from the artist.
~Imogen Heap’s I Megaphone, 2006 album that had been on my really-should-purchase list for at least a year.
~NIN’s Ghost Tracks that were available for free that I didn’t care for, and The Slip (still available for free) which is almost a return of good Nine Inch Nails.
~Kerbdog‘s other album.  Free acquisition.  Haven’t listened to it much.
~Murder by Death.  I purchased most of Red of Tooth and Claw with Pepsi points.  I really like this album, especially the post-apocalyptic “Rum Brave,” but I’m unconvinced the rest of MbD’s catalog is any good at all.  (Just realized that this was a 2008 release! That’s three!)
~Eisbrecher’s Suende.  This band will probably be this week’s OMM.  While I didn’t purchase KMFDM’s 2008 release, I was all over this.  Not avaiable in CD form.  Thank you, Amazon.com and your selection.
~Jace Everett, “Bad Things”  A rare single purchase.  This is the titles music to True Blood.  Loved when I heard it, had to have it.  Even if it is country.
~Nightmare Revisited, 2007. The full-album cover is just a spiffy idea to my geeky mind.
~Darling Violetta’s Parlor, 2003.  Another album I was happy to finally be able to purchase in digital form.
~Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven on Earth album. Impulse buy.  Damn you, Amazon.com. and your $0.99 album sales!
~Everlast’s “Folsom Prison Blues” is the other single I heard and had to have.  I have a soft spot for Everlast.
~The Fifth Element soundtrack.  Bought it for my birthday.  Good gaming music and the only CD acquired.

So, yeah.  Not much “new” music.  I guess I’m getting old and can’t understand the young people’s noise.