Daily Archives: December 28, 2008

Waning Year

Been a quiet holiday. Eric and I aren’t big on the present exchange end of things, so Christmas was noted mainly through the lack of available food options. Subway has been had…twice. On Christmas Eve, we made it just before closing time. Watched Hancock via Netflix which was okay. If the writing had been a little tighter, it would have been an honestly good movie. As is, it had some fun bits and a few things that made me wince at its ham-handed nature. Subway II occurred on Friday when we aborted an attempt to eat at Chipotle. The line was past the door and Chipotle isn’t known for it’s lightning fast service.

Still haven’t gotten my brother’s gift in the mail. He’s not know for his packaging or addressing skills, so who knows where it might end up.

There’s been gaming of the online and tabletop varieties. Not enough of the latter in Eric’s opinion. Lots of reading and goofing on my part, not much exercise. The weather has been cold and rainy, and it’s been my hands and feet aching rather than my knee or some other joint.

Heard from my editor today. She’s bounced Lucinda back for a final edit with a deadline of early Wednesday. So, back to work for me tomorrow. Maybe even tonight, though I’m feeling poorly and am kinda looking forward to bed.