Thus far, it’s been a lazy year.

Happy New Year! Yeah, a little late.

New Year’s Eve was notable for the lovely bit of disc we played. Since many of the Weds disc regulars were off work, we played for about two hours. The weather couldn’t have been better. Sunny, high 50s, not much of a breeze. A nice way of finishing off the year. Except that my back *really* wasn’t happy after two hours of playing disc. I sat out only about two points and was, as usual, the only girl out there.  It was maybe, perhaps, a tad too much for my parts.

I would have posted on New Year’s Day, but I was too busy watching football and eating. Yup, that’s about all I did. My attempts to relax backfired because I spent Friday a little too stressed about all the stuff I wanted to get done. I’m too much of a slacker to be ambitious.  Still catching up with stuff today.

A couple of reading bits of note:

InternetNews Realtime IT News – Work Ethic 2.0: Attention Control:

In one generation, we’ve gone from a total separation of “work” from “non-work” to one in which both work and play are always sitting right in front of us.

Writers have always dealt with this problem.  Whether the writer has a job or not, most of their writing-work is done at home with the distractions of family, friends, housework, telemarketers, nosy and noisy neighbors, etc. The difference now is that the advise of “sit your arse down and write” has been modified: “Go offline, sit your arse down, and write.”

Neurotopia (version 2.0) : Friday Weird Science: Just the way you like it, Mr. Bond.:

Trevithick, et al. “Shaken, not stirred: bioanalytical study of the antioxidant activity of martinis” British Medical Journal, 1999.

I love science…

Possibly of note to the ASU kid: / Science fiction and fantasy / Current conversations:

Magic systems in fiction: I began to think about the various magic systems and decided I wanted to compile a list of the magic systems.

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