The Woes of the Web

Notebooks: Where to Go When Google Notebook Goes Down:

Google Notebook isn’t closing down right now, but its users should see the writing on the wall. In the service’s official blog, Notebook’s project manager states that its team plans to “stop active development,”

Bastards. While I’m not a fan of Google Docs, I’ve always liked Google Notebook. It was very handy for aggregating a set of bookmarks and adding notation and bits of text. I use multiple computers and it’s nice to have everything synced online. Delicious isn’t quite up to the task that I require of it. I’ve tried Zoho‘s in the past, but I found it not as easy to use. (Aisde from the fact that Zoho is an under-powered service.) Alas, this is the downside of online applications. I guess I’ll try Evernote.

Time to get to work. Rewrites went well yesterday and I have chapter 2 slated for today.

Again, my body isn’t feeling too badly after practice Tuesday and disc yesterday. Last week, I suffered a flare up Saturday. I’m interested to see if that will happen again this week as a sort of delayed reaction. Eric has practice tonight, I’m staying home.

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