Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

In Kilter

My stressed, foul mood came to a head Monday night.  At about 11:30pm Monday, I crawled into bed, still clothed, and slept until about 7:30am. 

Since I hadn’t gotten much writing done the night before, I logged a couple of hours before Eric got up.  Maybe it was just moving past that chapter that’s put me in a better place.  Worked some yesterday afternoon as well, though I’ve thought of a better way of starting the scene and am rewriting it today.  Yesterday evening was an enjoyable happy hour/dinner at San Tan Brewery in honor of Reif’s birthday.  It was nice getting out.

Today, disc.  This past weekend was New Year Fest.  Instead of playing, I helped out at Frisbee Central with Stan again, but I somehow managed to not even throw a disc all weekend.  I was really looking forward to it today.  Amazingly, I’ve felt really good joint-wise during the last couple of days.  I ran Monday and Tuesday and, while my parts were fine, I felt like I was pulling a 10lb weight behind me.  I didn’t feel that way today.  Not to say that my play was particularly stellar.  I had a nice put to JT (and for once didn’t make him lay out for it), but completely flubbed a perfectly put long from Dave.

I need to get more work done before Eric gets home.  Should also address some VOTS-related emails that I’ve let go.  As part of an effort to not completely burn myself out by the first game of league (in a week and a half!), I’ve been limiting the visits to my gmail account.  It’s working, mostly.

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