Mostly Disc Related. Surprise.

League draft came and went Wednesday night. Despite the Monday roster being weaker than Wednesday’s, I think Eric and I put together a pretty good team. Good bit of handling and super-fast ladies. I’d really like this season to be enjoyable, but still competitive. That’s sometimes a hard balance. People get cranky when things don’t go as expected. I’m contemplating this being the last time I captain. And, as usual, I became utterly sick of anything to do with ultimate frisbee at about 4pm yesterday. I think most things have been more or less taken care of. I still need to clean out my gmail box, but teams are posted and I haven’t had any major complaint about the schedule thus far.

I’ve had way too many migraines lately. I blame the weather, and my general over-caffeination. The weather was rainy enough earlier this week to cancel Tuesday open play. Occasional days of rain, that’s what passes for a wintery mix here. (I see that rain is projected for Monday night, the first night of league. That’s kind of how it goes for spring league.) Wednesday disc was good. I followed it up with frozen yogurt at the new place at the mall and the purchase of purple jeans.

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