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Generation B – Generation B – Doc, Give Me New Knees –

Which made me think about ultimate. One of the things I liked about ultimate frisbee from the beginning is the wide range of people that play, including a wide age group. Looking at registration for league this season, the youngest player is 16; the oldest is 57. The average player is  around 31, with men almost a year older and women a little over two years younger. The team that Eric and I picked is 33.8 (men 36.5 and women 27.8). Just sort of interesting, I thought.

While on the subject of numbers, Eric recently had asked me a while back how many rejection letters Lucinda at the Window had racked up. Since I had a few honest paper-and-envelope rejection letters for Pas de Chat to file, I pulled Lucinda’s file as well. And the grand total is: 34. Thus far Pas de Chat has collected 20 in less time.

Tried sake yesterday.  I was surprised at how much it tasted like wine.  A very crisp, clean white wine.  Not bad, really.  Unfortunately, it disagreed with me in a way similar to wine, making me tired, cotton-headed, and disagreeable with an upset stomach.

Today, I need to get back to work on Fuel Eaters after a week of digression.  And tonight’s the first night of league.  Always exciting!

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