Daily Archives: February 24, 2009

Our disc league team, Plastic Falls, got off to a pretty rocky start last week with many drops and some misread defense. Granted, we were up against what might be one of the stronger Monday teams, but it would have been a much closer game if we hadn’t beaten ourselves. Last night’s game? Much better. As expected, the flow was better without the numerous drops. Of the men, nearly half are Wednesday disc regulars. On top of that, Ned and Tim have played together quite a few times at New Year Fest. Tom and Reif have been on a league team, and Brent was on our team last season. Of the ladies, Melanie, Fife and I have played on various women’s teams and Mel and Tim have captained together in the past. The familiarity is good, and I hope our newer people don’t feel left out. And our team is a drinking team! I didn’t bring enough beer to last through second game heckling.

Engaging in a constant struggle to do what needs to be done v. what I want to do. Not easy when the lines between work and play blur. Very lazy today. Didn’t sleep well and my back is pretty sore after a trip to Taget on foot yesterday as well as disc. I’m reworking Ch. 7 again, this time with less blow by blow reporting.

Neuroscience and Nostalgia :: Very Evolved:

Nostalgia is exceptionally good at making us feel better when times are tough.

Which explains the insufferable argument of “Things were *so* much better in the old days.”