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Wish I could recount games with the flair and accuracy that Nate does, but it’s not in me. The beginning of Monday’s game was riddled with drops and pressured throws, while Gratuitous Bailout (our opposition) solidly went from tied to up by two. Once we settled down and relaxed, we played more consistently and took a lead. Notably: There was a nice put from Eric to Dave, followed by Dave doing a pretty good James Harrison impression. Tim threw a hammer that nearly cracked the earth open, but made up for it later by snagging a score thrown by Tom who had cut his hand over the weekend while cleaning out his garage. There was also a point or two of substantial defense. For the life of me, I don’t remember who ultimately scored during the one occasion, but GB was stopped at the endzone line about four or five times.

While I did a chapter’s worth of edit on Monday, I couldn’t muster any energy for it yesterday. Instead I played around with Entangled Continua‘s web design. I have the new menu working…but there’s a funky artifact that I can’t figure out how to get rid of. Otherwise, I was pleased at the ease of setting it up. Of course, the graphics still need some tweaking, and the rest of the page is a bit of a mess, but I learned a few new things about CSS, so I’m happy.

Today has been the usual combination of disc and…uh…