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Happy World Book Day!

Okay, World Book Day seems to be more of a UK educational-institutional type thing, but I like the thought. And in the spirit of World Book Day, I ask: Which books have you lied about reading? Of the ten on their list, I’ve only read one entirely (1984) and parts of another (The Bible). The other eight I wouldn’t bother lying about.

At a loss for something to read on World Book Day? Random House has established Suvudu Free Book Library . Basically, they are offering the first books in various speculative fiction series for free. This is very smart in that free-crack-on-corner kind of way.

In the land of shorter fiction (mostly), many of this year’s Nebula Award award nominees are available online. A couple years back I read through them, and I’m considering doing it again.  It’s good to take a look at what’s being well regarded in the field I’m working in.

I did forget, however, that March is NaNoEdMo, National Novel Editing Month. The goal is to log 50 hours of editing on a particular work. I haven’t decided whether I want to try it with a four day handicap. Really, considering that writing is my *job*, 50 hours in a month shouldn’t be a problem. But editing. Editing is rough. A solid fifteen minutes of editing feels like five years. Going from a rough draft to anything better than a rough draft is incredibly rewarding once you’ve reached the end of the process. Everything before that kind of make you want to give up writing, burn your manuscript, and take up llama herding.