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The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist
Maybe I travel in the wrong news circles, but I never see stories about diamond or art robberies right after they happen. It’s usually years later that I hear about such things. It’s also fairly difficult to find information about security systems online. I’ve looked, because, you know, I’m a writer. We have to know this kind of stuff.

Since Fuel Eaters is somewhat a heist story, I’ve been watching a few and taking note of what makes a good heist (or caper, which seems to be the term for a successful heist story). I should probably read a few heist stories as well, if I knew of any. Controlling information is more difficult in a novel than in a movie. It’s hard to drop a clue to what might be going on without it shining like a big neon sign or being totally overlooked.

Turned in galley corrections today, so I can probably return to forgetting about Lucinda at the Window for another few months.

Crossover games start next week in league which means no ultimate for me until Wednesday.

Eric’s spring break is over and we didn’t do anything particularly interesting. Time ran out for a road trip and I forgot to pester him about removing junk from the apartment. Not much gaming occurred either. So much for a holiday.