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Occasionally, I get too excited by ultimate. It happens when games are close and the play is good on both sides of the disc. Last night’s game was one of those.

We played a cross-over game on our off-night. All the Wednesday teams have pretty strong rosters, and our opponents, The Champagne Room All-Stars, were no exception. The number of handlers on their team is staggering. After listing off about three or four player that generally considered top handlers, we’d suddenly remember that they also have two more that we forgot about. That they haven’t won games is a mystery to me. (Can the rest of Wednesday teams be that stiflingly good?)

We scored first and traded points until 8-8. Before that, there were probably only a handful of turnovers. We managed a defensive point to bring it to 10-8 and then play became mildly more messy. We brought the score up to 14-10, figuring it was just a matter of putting it away when the All-Stars had a three-point run, taking us to hard cap. We won, but that last point had a close call on a turnover. It was just really good play by everyone involved.

It’s especially good to see our newer players doing some good things. Notably, Joe and Brent had some great bail-out catches, and Nicole managed to get out of a trap-zone situation by doing the thing that is usually over-looked: turning her attention back up-field.

It should be noted that the last time I was this excited by ultimate was last spring. The difference? Last spring, my excitement was limited to in-game because while the play was close, it rarely went our way. The line between giddy win and frustrating lost is very, very thin.


After talking to Eric about a few Fuel Eaters issues, I’ve started over with rewrites. I got through the first nine chapters on the first pass, but the things that need to be changed in those chapters is piling up and will affect later chapters. This is just how things go.

Research yesterday:
Camouflage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Dazzle camouflage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  Safety orange – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  I had never heard of it being called Omaha orange before. I could not find a reason for this nomenclature.
Military camouflage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia isn’t providing the information I’d like. Time to flex the research muscles.