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I was in a reading mood yesterday. I’m back to a rather tricky scene in Fuel Eaters and I needed to give my mind a little while to mull it. In an effort to not make that a complete excuse for not getting much done yesterday, I need to kick some ass on it today.

Reading from yesterday:
How Humor Makes You Friendlier, Sexier: Scientific American
During the last couple of days, Scientific American’s headlines have bugged me. They seem more lurid and sensational than usual. Take this one for instance. The article is mostly about laughter and humor being used in analgesic ways. The friendlier/sexier part gets a passing mention in five pages.

Kids with ADHD May Learn Better by Fidgeting – TIME
How Not to Get Misled by Health Statistics – TIME
And then there’s the only vaguely related See Also links within TIME articles. Maybe I’m just being a grouch.

Blockbuster and TiVo Join To Deliver Digital Movies –
TV, films boldly go down scientific path –
Hays Code – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ian McKellen: The Player – TIME
A stitch in time saves nine